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Lost to the Nails Podcast

Jul 22, 2022

Join us as we talk designing Eric's Battlefleet Heresy list for NOVA and our first impressions of the new edition of Horus Heresy!

Jun 23, 2022

Eric and Brian are joined by Mark from the Battlehosts to help end the new "I spilled my Nuln Oil" social media post- "Experienced" 40K players trying to come back tp 10th edition.

Spoiler: Tempest of War is really good, Brian is shocked to discover that there is a dedicated Sisters of Battle podacst.


May 1, 2022

This episode was subtitled "Barely an Episode" before we recorded it and it turned into an actual discussion!

We discuss the return of Squats/League of Votaan or (Voltron?) and their potential place in the lore and game before going into our hopes for the new edition of Horus Heresy.


As always, you can contact us at

Mar 31, 2022

We FINALLY talk Adeptus Titanicus 2018 and discuss why you should be playing it! Eric and Brian are joined by SC Josh of IC's fame to discuss all aspects of the game- tabletop experience, hobby glory, and the all around awesome that is the "What if the 1812 Overture was a tabletop game?" glory of AT18.

Feb 9, 2022

Join us as we do the obligitory hobby/gaming recap of 2021 and discuss our plans for 2022. There's even a cliche "New Year, New Army" that rolls stright into our new segment: The Nine Traitor Legions! We take a dive into the poster boys of the baddies and trace their evolution from the Sons of Horus, their failure at...